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There are so many reasons why joining Stampin’ Up! is a great one. Buying your products at a discount is the obvious one, but there are so many hidden extras, its a bit like walking out into the sunshine. Whether you’re joining to purchase your own personal supply of crafting products or wanting some to make some extra $$, the choice is yours.

Joining my team is a really good choice too – I can provide support both creatively with project ideas, afterall my background is in Graphic Design, and business-wise too, earning an Incentive Trip taught me a lot about building a business, which I can share with you.

The chance to meet amazing people and the sharing nature of our wider team, makes it a great choice to join in with me. Connecting regularly through a range of activities from  team days, card/project swaps or our private Facebook groups is particularly satisfying.

Starting begins with purchasing the Flex starter kit at $169.
You get $235 worth of Stampin’ Up! products plus a business kit valued at $80.

PLUS…. Right now, you can choose a whole Bundle for FREE. I know…. that’s amazing right?! Read all about those details here in this blog post:


I have more information for you so message me below and I’ll contact you for a chat.

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