Join my team

There are so many reasons why joining Stampin’ Up! is a great one. Buying your products at a discount is the obvious one, but there are so many hidden extras, its a bit like walking out into the sunshine. Whether you’re joining to purchase your own personal supply of crafting products or wanting some to make some extra $$, the choice is yours.

The chance to meet amazing people and the sharing nature of our wider team, makes it a great choice to join in with me. Connecting regularly through a range of activities from  team days, card/project swaps or our private Facebook groups is particularly satisfying.

Starting begins with a choice right now…

Flex kit:

Joining with purchasing the Flex starter kit at $169. You get to choose $235 worth of any products plus you get a business pack valued at $80: or

Ready, Set, Starter Kit:

Aimed at starting your small business (or maybe it will turn out bigger than you think!), this kit has everything from product to business supplies to get you started straight away. Read all about this here.

I have more information for you so message me below and I’ll contact you for a chat.

If you know you just have to join Stampin’ Up!… Like, right now… this very second….. don’t delay… click here and go for it.


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